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Oaten Hay

Oat hay is nutritious and high in protein, energy and fibre content, rich in minerals and vitamins, most livestock can digest it easily. Oat hay fed alone can sustain good health, growth, and productivity. All prices are inclusive of 5% tax.

South Africa

AED 700.00 / Bale

500-600 Kg (+/-10%)

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Oat hay, a superior forage option, is harvested from oat plants when they're rich in nutrients, providing a beneficial mix of fiber, protein, and energy essential for animal health and growth. This feed is not only tasty, encouraging healthy eating habits, but also offers a balanced protein content, crucial for muscle health without the risks of overfeeding.

Particularly for horses, oat hay is an exceptional source of energy. Its rich vitamin and mineral content support essential body functions, including bone strength and milk production in lactating animals. Its easy-to-digest nature means that all animals, whether young, old, or recovering, can benefit from its nutritional value, making it an ideal choice for diverse dietary needs.


Protein : 6% to 10%

Humidity : Max 15%

Size : 500-600 Kg

ADF : 39% to 48%

NDF : 61% to 71%

RFV : 90 to 110

Colour : Yellowish green

Aflatoxins B1 : Max 10 ppb

Suitable for
Storage Conditions

Use sunshades or barns storage to prevent weather damage. Bales should be arranged in stacks and covered with plastic cover. Keep space between the stacks (min 2 to 3 meter). Storage area should be far away from houses and roads. Bales must be arranged according to type, quality, and priority in consumption.


If the stock is managed correctly, It can be used within one year or more.

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