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Alfalfa Hay Grade 1

Alfalfa is the main source for the dairy farms in the region. All prices are inclusive of 5% tax.

South Africa

AED 850.00 / Bale

500 Kg (+/-10%)

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Alfalfa is superior to other forages because it is high in protein and energy reducing the needs of both type of supplements in ration. Superior intake potential of Alfalfa allows for greater use in rations.


Protein : 18%-20%

Humidity : Max 12%

Size : 26 – 15cm

ADF : 40 -51%

NDF : 62 % ≤ X ≥ 52 %

RFV : 121 ≤ X ≥ 134

Colour : Green

Aflatoxins B1 : Max 10 ppb

Suitable for
Storage Conditions

Use sunshades or barns storage to prevent weather damage. Bales should be arranged in stacks and covered with plastic cover. Keep space between the stacks (min 2 to 3 meter). Storage area should be far away from houses and roads. Bales must be arranged according to type, quality, and priority in consumption.


If the stock is managed correctly, It can be used within one year or more.

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